Reflect Defense Window Film vs. Shielding Turf Type of Films

Reflect Defense Window Film prevents melting of artificial turf, vinyl siding, and patio furniture caused by window reflections. Explore our solutions now.


  • Common question asked by customers
  • Recent brand change from Turf protection and Shielding types of window films to Reflect Defense
  • Window reflections affect more than just artificial turf
  • So we figured help out more people affected by damaging window reflections.

Differences between Shielding Turf films and Reflect Defense Window Film

  • Reflect Defense offers more solutions
    • Wet application window film
    • Black screen exterior window film
  • Reflect Defense offers various increments of film (60 inch by 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, and 25 ft)

Turf Guarding Window Film and its variations

  • Used by several companies, often rebranded from products like Contravision
  • Designed for printing applications, commonly seen in window film graphics at storefronts and offices
  • Challenging for residential applications due to the need for lamination

Reflect Defense Window Film as a manufacturer

  • Manufactured specifically for Reflect Defense
  • Comes in 150 ft rolls measuring 60 in wide
  • Provides customers the opportunity to cut down the film as needed
  • Highly educated and technical staff provides outstanding customer support
  • Works with window film companies, turf contractors, and siding contractors to provide bulk material at wholesale prices

Why artificial turf, vinyl siding, and other substrates melt

man holding up anti reflective film and image graphic overlay showing window reflection burning turf with text saying stop low e turf damage
  • Primary reason: Low-E window reflections
  • Low-E windows are designed to insulate and reject heat
    • In hot climate zones, prevents heat from entering the house, affecting siding more than turf
    • In winter climate zones, retains heat inside the house, affecting vinyl siding more than turf

Choosing the best Reflect Defense Window Film product

  • All high-performance exterior-applied window films prevent artificial turf and vinyl siding from melting
  • Differences between the four SKUs come down to aesthetics
  • Clear exterior window film has anti-reflective properties but may cause slight blurriness when looking from the inside out
  • Black exterior window film, TF Pro anti-reflective window film, and white screen exterior window film have an interior black liner adhesive, creating a screen-like appearance with excellent visibility from the inside

Why choose Reflect Defense Window Film


If you have artificial turf, vinyl siding, or patio furniture that's melting due to window reflections, contact Reflect Defense Window Film for help. Visit or for more information and to purchase their products.

This is a common question asked by customers, and to be frank, we recently underwent a brand change. Our original website was Turf Shielding Window, but we felt it was necessary to switch over to Reflect Defense because artificial turf melting isn't the only issue when it comes to window reflections. Many things are affected by window reflections, which can cause damage to patio furniture, vinyl siding, and much more.

These two brands, Turf Guardian and Reflect Defense, carry what appear to be similar products. However, Reflect Defense Window Film offers more solutions, such as a wet application window film and the black screen exterior window film. Reflect Defense Window Film also offers various increments of film, including 60 inch by 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, and 25 ft. These varying increments provide customers with the opportunity to utilize the material more effectively.

Shielding Window Film and its variations are used by several companies, many of which purchase films such as printing films and rebrand them as their own. We've tried out several of these, and by looking at the backing paper, you can clearly identify a the origins of the film by the label of the original brand. Printing perforated films are products designed for printing applications, which you see a lot in window film graphics at storefronts, businesses, and other offices. The challenging aspect of using printing films for residential applications and offices is that many of them require lamination to last.

Reflect Defense Window Film makes its own films. Like other companies, we source our film from many different places, but we have it manufactured specifically for us. It comes in 150 ft rolls measuring 60 in wide, giving our customers the opportunity to cut down the film in whichever way they choose. Our highly educated and technical staff is able to provide customers with outstanding support. We can provide draft invoices for films ranging from 100 ft up to 150 ft. We work with window film companies, turf contractors, and siding contractors to provide them with bulk material at wholesale prices, enabling them to service their local clients.

At Reflect Defense Window Film, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering education on vinyl siding, patio furniture, artificial turf, and most importantly, identifying the type of glass that can cause damage to these different substrates.

If you're interested in identifying or purchasing any of our products, simply visit us at We also own and manage The reason we separated these two websites is that, unfortunately, many companies out there have decided to utilize names in different variations of ours. So, we thought, what the heck, we'll just buy both and provide our customers with the same outstanding customer service and support.

Don't just take my word for it; see what our customers have to say in the review section of our website.

With that being said, let's discuss the primary reason why artificial turf, vinyl siding, patio furniture, pool covers, and many other substrates melt in the first place.

One of the primary causes is Low-E window reflections. Low-E windows are designed to insulate and reject heat from coming into the house while also keeping heat inside. This varies depending on the climate zone you're in. In hot climate zones, it's going to prevent a tremendous amount of heat from entering entirely, which is the primary reason why it affects siding more than turf in these areas. In winter climate zones, turf is less affected because it isn't nearly as common. The glazing in winter climate zones is passive, meaning that it's able to retain more heat and also allow heat to come through the glass. However, with the increasing performance of glass, it can affect these areas as well, particularly in the siding space, specifically vinyl siding.

So, if you've ever gone outside and seen your siding warping or your artificial turf melting, it's important to first take a look at your windows and see if there are any harsh reflections coming from them. They're most likely the primary contributor to the damage.

Several news stations and media outlets have discussed this topic at length. We've even been featured discussing the nuances of artificial turf and vinyl siding melting and the impact it had on military installation housing.

When it comes to our products, which one works best for you really comes down to aesthetics. Any one of our high-performance window films that are exterior-applied can work to prevent artificial turf from melting. In fact, they work 100% of the time when installed correcltey. How can we say this? Well, it's simple—it's just science. Our window film refracts light in different directions, thereby preventing artificial turf and vinyl siding from melting. That's it.

What makes the four different SKUs better or different from each other comes down to aesthetics. The clear exterior window film also has anti-reflective properties; however, it comes with one drawback. Because it's clear, much like a windshield, it's going to be a little bit blurry from the inside looking out. Imagine a windshield, for example. Windshields are clear, but when there's water on them, they're not so clear. That's because the light is refracted at different angles, making it difficult to look from the inside out. This is also apparent in cameras themselves. If there's a smudge on a camera lens, the overall image appears blurry.

Clear Screen Exterior Window Film View from the interior looking out

Black exterior window film, TF Pro anti-reflective window film, and white screen exterior window film all have an interior black liner adhesive. This black lighter adhesive creates a screen-like appearance, so visibility from the inside looking out is outstanding and really just looks like a screen. At distances of 5 ft or more, you don't even notice that the films are there.


Anyway, because of the most recent changes on our website, I wanted to first explain the differences between the different films, our competitors, and give you some information about what we know about our products and what we know about other products that we've purchased and used ourselves. We've tested out various different products, and we're really not just tooting our own horn—we think we are just better. Here are the reasons why: one, we have a phone number you can contact us on; two, we offer outstanding customer support, easy returns, and incredibly fast shipping; and we are very competitive with our pricing in comparison to others.

So, If you're experiencing issues with melting artificial turf, vinyl siding, or patio furniture, we're here to help. Reflect Defense Window Film, out.

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