How to prevent turf burn?

Prevent Turf burn and the best Turf Protection Film

Turf customers around the nation are experiencing what looks to be melted turf. Turf is a significant investment and can be a great solution to mitigate the use of water enjoying a beautiful green yard. However, many are turf customers, and installers are experiencing melting and burning issues. 

man standing point to the 7 ways to protect your windows from low e window reflection damage


Why Artificial Turf, Vinyl Siding, and Patio furniture melts?

So what's causing your turf, vinyl siding and patio furniture to melt? The short answer is it's your windows. Today's high-performance windows are vastly more efficient and block lots of heat. 

Your windows are likely low-E if you're experiencing melting issues with vinyl siding, fencing, patio furniture, and artificial turf. 

The sun's rays are being reflected at angles and causing streak lines along a direct and sometimes wavy path depending on the sun's orientation around your home or office. 

man pointing at a turf burn on artificial turf caused by window reflections

Shielding Turf Window Film


Turf Window Film shielding to the rescue. Reflection defense film is the original and first manufacturer of Black, white, and Clear exterior window film specifically designed to prevent the turf from melting. Our films are formulated to outlast the fakes out there.

Turf Gard makes it easy to prevent turf, siding, patio furniture, and synthetic material from melting by applying our exterior window film to your windows. You peel, squeegee and trim, and you're done.
Only choose Reflect Shield Window Film for Turf. If you're looking for the best, Make sure it has the WF in the logo.

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