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More than 150,000 Sq Ft of Reflect Defense Window film has been installed for the sole purpose of protecting artificial turf, patio furniture, vinyl siding, and vinyl fencing from harmful ultraviolet & infrared window reflection.

Base on customer feedback, Reflect Defense Window Film has been 100% effective in eliminating the damaging effects of the sun.  

Based on 112 reviews
first time

First time we have ordered. The reprehensive was very, very helpful on the phone while ordering. Received the item very quickly. Very easy to install, and was just enough that we ordered for the one window. Now just waiting to see how well it works. We installed about a month ago and so far now damage. We are hoping that it will
last thru the summer months.

Black Screen Film - Anti Reflective Window Film

Reflect Defense Clear - Anti Reflective Film
Chase Madrid (Los Angeles, US)
Works perfectly but don’t follow their installation video

In the photo you’ll see on the right I followed their instructions and on the left I followed my own. I applied the very top and smoothed it out slowly in a downward motion as I removed the backing. Once this material adheres to a surface it’s really hard to remove without it tearing because of the perforations.

Reflect Defense Black - Anti Reflective Window Film
Gustavo A Eraso (Moreno Valley, US)
Reflect Defense Window Film

It is impossible to know if it works or not with just a few days. I have to wait at least until this summer comes and goes. The only thing I can say as of now is that the view from the inside to the outside is not that bad. You can actually see outside pretty good, considering the film is there.

Saving Siding

Applied black to my neighbors windows that had burned my siding, windows are new since hurricane Irma. I had to replace repair damaged T1-11. It was very easy to install.

Reflect Defense Clear - Anti Reflective Film
Jason Schoolcraft (Chicopee, US)
It works!

I was skeptical at first that this would would but it worked exactly as is advertised.. I was having problems with my deck furniture melting from reflecting light from upstairs windows. This product fixed it. The blurring from inside is really minimal and not really any more than a normal window screen. This was worth every penny!

TF-PRO - Anti Reflective Window Film
Patrick Rice (Denver, US)
Prevents turf melt - looks like a screen!

Cool product to prevent further turf melt on my artificial turf. I only wish there was a video to demonstrate wet application. The written instructions were fine, but a visual would be nice. Maybe I just missed it on your site.

Clear Screen Film - Anti Reflective Window Film (Leola, US)
Worth the Money!

I bought this product in October 2021 and for some reason, I just got around to installing it. Now I wish I had this product even sooner. This product was bought to put on my neighbors window as it faces east and during the early morning hours, it reflects the suns rays on my house about 38ft away. Last week on a sunny 58 degree morning, I used my instant read BBQ thermometer to measure the temperature and it was an intense 224 degrees. Wow, did not expect that high. So the next day I installed the Clear Screen on my neighbors window. With morning clouds the rest of the week, I was finally able to measure the temperature on a clear morning and the temperature at the most intense location was only about 82 degrees. 140 DEGREE DIFFERENCE!! Thankfully this window is in a non-finished closet so view is not a problem. Now I can finally replace my siding without fear of it being melted again.

Best Anti Reflective Window film to stop melting turf

As a homeowner with a beautiful artificial turf lawn, I never imagined that I would face the issue of turf melting. I had invested in high-quality synthetic grass to create a lush, green landscape that required minimal maintenance. However, I soon noticed unsightly patches of melted and distorted turf, marring the once pristine appearance of my lawn.

After some research, I discovered that the culprit behind my turf burn was the intense reflection of sunlight from my home's windows. The concentrated heat and light were causing the artificial grass to melt, leaving behind an unsightly mess. I desperately searched for a solution to protect my turf from further damage, and that's when I stumbled upon Reflect Defense window film designed specifically for turf protection.

I was intrigued by the concept of turf window film and decided to give Reflect Defense a try. From the moment I visited their website, I was impressed by the wealth of information provided about their product. The site clearly explained how their window film for turf worked to reduce the harmful effects of reflected sunlight, preventing turf burn and melting.

The ordering process was a breeze, and I was delighted to find that Reflect Defense offered fast shipping. My turf window film arrived promptly, well-packaged, and ready for installation. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, making the application process a simple task for any homeowner.

What truly sets Reflect Defense apart is their exceptional customer service. Throughout my experience, their staff was always helpful and responsive, whether I reached out online or by phone. They patiently answered all my questions and provided expert guidance on how to best protect my artificial turf using their window film for turf.

The results of installing Reflect Defense turf window film were nothing short of remarkable. It effectively reduced the intensity of the reflected sunlight, preventing further turf burn and melting. My artificial grass lawn now maintains its pristine appearance, without any unsightly distortions or damage.

I cannot recommend Reflect Defense window film enough to any homeowner experiencing issues with turf melting. Their specialized turf window film is a game-changer in protecting artificial grass from the harmful effects of reflected sunlight. The product's effectiveness, combined with the company's fast shipping, excellent packaging, and outstanding customer support, makes Reflect Defense the go-to solution for anyone seeking to prevent turf burn.

If you want to preserve the beauty and longevity of your artificial turf lawn, look no further than Reflect Defense window film. Their turf window film is the ultimate defense against turf melting, ensuring that your landscape remains lush, green, and free from the unsightly effects of turf burn. Trust me, investing in Reflect Defense turf window film is a decision you won't regret, and your artificial grass will thank you for it!

Great product

I bought the black film to protect my newly installed artificial turf. I have 4 windows all facing the sun and I had a great view of the lake through my windows. So it imperative to protect the turf, whilst retaining my view. I spoke to the customer service first to evaluate and discuss the options. I must say the reps are extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I finally decided to order the product. The rep were kind enough to understand the measurements i needed for all windows and sent 1 big roll with some additional as well for buffer. The how-to-DIY videos were super helpful and easy to apply the film on my windows.
I’m glad i purchased this product which is reasonably priced. Totally worth it!!

"I'm melting "NOT ANYMORE

We had our house sided this year.We have a L shaped area that we didn't know our windows were causing a reflection on siding we noticed melting/waving in new siding.we had to have replaced. we bought turf sheild film to protect our happy they make this product. It's great.

Wonderful product easy to install and looks fantastic.

Black Screen Film - Anti Reflective Window Film
Scott Davis (San Tan Valley, US)
Perfect for our needs

Love the product, installation was no issue. One small tear in the beginning but I learned and had no more issues. The widows look great, match the screened windows. Very impressed with the product and the look.

Looks Great

I have received my order and I am waiting for the weather to cooperate and allow me to get it in place. Thank you for your quick response and your excellent shipping. I have had a Great experience.

Simple Solution

I was concerned if it would actually appear like you are looking through a window screen, and it actually does. This was the perfect solution to prevent my new siding from melting, and it was easy to install.

Clear Screen Film - Anti Reflective Window Film
Ramnik Sitapara (Whittier, US)
Clear Screen Exterior Window Film

I have not installed it yet.

Turf shield film

Well made, easy to install

Solves the problem, take care during install

I installed the white Turf Shiled on 3 windows. It took some skill as the glass was inset about 1/2" from the frame. Learned to go slow slow slow. I made one tear as I tried to pull the film off the window to avoid a forming crease. Don't do that, just go slower. Anyway, I'd rate my outcome about a 91%. These work great to solve the problem of low-E burn on synth turf.

Easy to apply. Install kit a must.

This product works great. It was easy to apply. Watch a few Youtube videos to get an idea about how to proceed. Looks just like a window screen from inside. Be sure to order the installation kit which makes installation easier.

Easy to install!

Started by reading the instructions twice! Super easy to install. The clear film slightly blurs the view. Worth saving our new turf from sun reflection burn.

Appears to do the job

I got the black screen exterior film to protect my new synthetic turn from reflections. The product arrived safely and quickly, and once installed it looks good. The quality seems high; it adheres firmly; and the view of the outside from inside is only slightly impeded by the film. I'm happy with the look.
Be advised that the film tears easily. If you're doing a larger window (as I did), you probably need two people. Make sure you work slowly and patiently. It does take some skill and some time.
Also, although this is a quite pricey product, it's less expensive than the one main competitor that I originally was looking at.

We have not used it yet

Quick as Quick can be

It's great to know when you need material ASAP, these guys deliver!

Reflect Defense Window Film Installation kit
Frank Seelmann (Gardiner, US)
Turf Shield

Very happy with the Turf Shield it prevents the sun from damaging our siding.
Low E windows are nice but can create problems with reflected sunlight.


The install was easy and as described. Now we wait to see if it works!!

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