Windows melting artificial turf and vinyl siding

Yes it’s a real thing window reflections can cause artificial turf vinyl siding and vinyl fencing to melt.

This is because vinyl siding artificial turf in vinyl fencing are all made up of polyester which has a very low melting point.

what causes vinyl siding artificial turf and vinyl fencing to melt? 

High intensity reflections magnified by low E windows, which are high-performance windows designed to reflect heat as well as insulate the home cause an intense reflection then ask is a magnifying glass that melts polyester-based products.

It’s really a fascinating thing, the increase in performance of dual pane windows has increased to the point where it’s actually damaging artificial turf, vinyl fencing, vinyl siding, and even patio furniture.


even though many of these products are made with high end UV protectant in order to withstand the elements as they are designed to be exposed to the sun don’t stand a chance to the high intensity heat reflected by low E high performance heat rejection windows.


How do I stop my turf, vinyl siding, and/or vinyl fencing from melting?


So one of the best ways to stop artificial turf vinyl siding and vinyl fencing from melting is to apply turf shield window film. Turf shield window film is a window film designed for the protection of artificial turf from melting. It is also used to stop vinyl siding and vinyl fencing from melting. One of the best products used on the market today with a long-standing history of working throughout the nation.


There are many look like products but nothing like turf Shield window film that has a five year durability warranty. Their warranty so comprehensive they simply just send you new material if anything were to happen.

Turf Window film works in both colder climates as well as warmer climates. And it can be installed in colder climates you just have to allow the film to relax before installing. The way to do this is to place it in a warm room why are you prep the glass for installation. The way to best prepare glass for installation is to clean it off with some spray away and allow us to dry make sure that there’s no dirt or debris left on the glass and then simply apply to film dry squeegeeing it on.


If you’re looking for a sure way that looks attractive on your windows gives you the ability to look out and solves your problem by eliminating the chances of artificial turf, vinyl siding, and vinyl fencing from melting Turf Shield Window Film The product for you.


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