Window film to stop turf from melting?

So you just got turf, or you noticed that your brand new artificial grass is starting to melt, and you wonder why/what is causing it; well, let us help you. 

Can turf melt?

 The melting point for artificial turf is nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This, however, is no match for window reflection from high-performance windows or new windows manufactured today. The reflection of high-performance windows can be in the range of 240-330 degrees. 

Why astroturf melts and how to stop it? 

The reflection from high-performance windows is the number one reason why turf melts. 

High-performance windows, specifically ones that have a greenish tone when inspecting at them from the outside, are the primary type of windows that cause melting. These windows are known as 366-glass or triple silver Low-E glass units. 

Low-E triple silver windows are highly efficient windows. These windows are specifically designed to reject 63% of solar energy while maintaining 70 of visible light. However, the drawback is they work too well, and during the hotter parts of the year, they can cause turf, siding, patio furniture, and vinyl fixtures, and fencing to melt. 

Window Film for Turf 

There is only one proven and test product that stops and prevents turf from melting and that Reflect Defense Window Film

Reflect DefenseWindow film is a film specifically designed to protect your artificial turf, natural grass, and vinyl siding by reducing the sun's damaging reflection of your home or business's windows.

Reflect Defense Window Film is an exterior applied perforated window film that is guaranteed to stop the melting of artificial turf, vinyl siding, natural grass, etc. from window reflections.

What options do I have for window film for turf?

  • Clear - Clear window film for turf is a great option when interior clarity isn't needed, but maintaining the exterior look of natural windows is essential. The transparent film is most often used for HOA's or for those who prefer to keep the windows. 
  • White - White window film for turf is ideal for those wanting to reduce heat and glare, as well as have superior interior clarity. 
  • Black - Black window film for turf is the best and most popular option as it looks like a screen and provides superior interior clarity. 


All window film for turf options provided by Reflect Defense window film will protect your artificial turf, vinyl siding, natural grass, etc. from window reflections. 

What type of tint stops turf from melting?

While it's natural to think a simple window film application would prevent the turf from melting, this couldn't be further from the truth. Some window film companies have tried to install a window film on the inside of the glass with little to no luck. 


Adding window tint to the inside of the glass can sometimes increase the reflection, therefore intensifying and reflecting and damaging your turf, siding, or vinyl. 

How do you keep artificial turf from melting?

Apply the DIY option Reflect Defense Window Film. It's the easiest and simplest sure way to protect your turf from melting. 

Other options include: 

  1. Install Solar screen 
  2. Get an awning 
  3. Replace your windows 

In all reality, this issue encompasses two distinct variables windows and the object. It's damaging to replace or cover one, and you will have solved the issue.  

Best turf protection film on the market

Reflect Defense Window film has been on the market for antireflection for over two decades and has a seven (7) year durability warranty. With now over 20000 square feet covered by customers, it's no wonder it's the number one choice for home and business. If you are looking to protect your turf from melting, check out Reflect Defense Window Film. 











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