Why is my turf melting?

Artificial grass, often known as "turf," is rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends in residential and commercial landscapes. 

Artificial turf today resembles a natural lawn in appearance, making it a perfectly viable option for families where children and pets are playing outdoors. As the turf does not require irrigation, fertilizer, mowing, or other maintenance, it is an environmentally friendly method of maintaining the property. 

However, artificial grass has a big drawback and is never a natural grass issue. When exposed to enough heat, the turf can melt, become ugly, and unpleasant to the touch and spoil the aesthetic appeal of a property. 

The melting point of artificial grass is quite high; in fact, most turf needs more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit to melt. So why does your turf melt? The answer may be a window that reflects a concentrated light on to it. 

Energy-Saving windows are often the problem.

How does Reflect Defense Window film work? 

Reflect Defense is an anti-reflective Film that prevents artificial grass from melting by breaking the concentrated reflection of sunlight. Sunlight scatters in multiple directions, and the view from the inside of the house has no greater impact than the standard screen. 

Energy-saving windows are a great way to keep your home cool by reflecting the sun rays away from home. We found that the reflections caused by energy-saving windows amplify the sun's energy to turfs melting point. 

Reflect Defense window film reduces reflection and eliminates this from happening. 

What will the Reflect Defense window film look like  installed?  

From a distance, Reflect Defense Window Film is hardly noticeable; Reflect Defense is applied on residential and commercial properties on the outside of windows. And with three color options, you have the flexibility of matching the film to your needs. 


Reflective windows are burning vinyl siding

If you have noticed the melted vinyl siding in your home, the reason may be the Low-E windows of your neighbor next door. 

Vinyl is the most common coating product in single-family homes in the United States; it is cost-effective, durable, and looks good unless it is in the spotlight of "low E" (low emissivity) windows. 

Such low-E windows can have a magnifying glass effect, redirecting the sun's rays like a laser beam to the neighbor's house. The angle of the sun and time of day can amplify the problem. 

 "It's just a perfect meeting for events," and "You have to have the right angle of the sun." Said, Reflect Defense Window film Owner Jon. We aim to help you resolve this problem once and for all. 

How to prevent the melting of vinyl siding and Fences?

 Vinyl siding companies and window manufacturers are accusing each other. Litigation is in the legal process, but owners still need to find a solution. 

Homeowners are tired of having their vinyl siding look deformed and twisted into waves. But the owners usually haven't figured out why it happens until it's too late. 

There are solutions, and experts recommend: 

  1. Reflect Defense Window Film
  2. Solar Screens 
  3. Awnings 
  4. window replacement 

Turf and vinyl aren't the only materials being affected by sun rays reflected off of glass; patio furniture is also burning

The main material that appears outdoors is polyethylene wicker (pe). This artificial substance has opened the door to design and versatility to the likes that no standard materials such as wrought iron and teak have been able to do. Now you can find numerous outdoor patio furniture, such as sofa beds, sections, cutlery, and accessories, all made of PE wicker. 

Billions of low emission (low E) windows are installed each year. These energy-efficient windows are causing significant damage that may melt and even catch patio furniture on fire. 

 In California, a housewife called Reflect Defense Window Film because her house windows melted her patio furniture. After Reflect Defense Window Film was installed, the reflection was gone and no more melting. 

 In North Carolina, the owners accused neighbors of lighting their lawns fire; But after reviewing surveillance video captures, the flame at the edge of the lawn where window reflection was happening, they were shocked to learn it was there home low e windows. 

 Windows, designed for heat reflection, behaves like a magnifying glass, concentrating the beam, with destructive and dangerous results but Reflect Defense window film was designed to stop this from happening, so buy Reflect Defense Window Film today and stop window reflection. 



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