Why is my artificial grass melting?


Your turf is melting because you have low-E windows. Low E windows are high performance windows that reject a ton of heat back into the outside world.

The reflection created off of these types of windows magnify the suns energy thereby heating the turf beyond its melting point.

 Astro turf melts around 168 to 220 degrees depending on the makeup of the turf. 

Why does artificial turf melt?

Artificial turf by design can weather the elements but the reflection on the sun off of home windows can sometimes create a magnification that is so intense that it can create a beam of light that damages and burns turf. 

How do you keep turf from melting?

 There are several solutions that stop artificial turf from melting.

  1. Applying Turf Shield Window film
  2. Installing solar screens 
  3. replacing windows

Regular tint will not help if you are experiencing artificial turf melting. 


Why do low E windows melt turf? 

Low E windows are low emissivity substrates. All this means, is there is a coating that acts as insulation on the windows. This is actually a good thing, low E coatings keep your home windows cool during the summer by reflecting energy away and blocking heat from coming in, and during the winter months this same coating keeps your home warm by not allowing heat to escape. 

The inverse and unintended affect of having low e windows is that in some cases these same windows can cause turf to melt when the suns rays reflect onto the turf. 


At what temperature does turf melt?

Artificial turf can melt around 168 degrees to 220 degrees.  

How do you reduce window reflection?

When you apply turf shield window film it helps neutralize the reflection off of the turf, thereby reducing the reflection dramatically, protecting your turf for years to come.  

How do I keep my artificial grass from melting?

 Applying window film for turf, turf shield window film is the best and least expensive way to ensure your artificial turf doesn't melt. 

When you apply turf shield window film you can rest assured that your artificial turf will be protected for the suns reflection coming off of your windows. 

How do you install window film for turf?

Installing turf shield window film is very easy when you follow the directions on our installation page. (click here for our install guide)

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