Why does artificial turf melt?

Artificial Turf melts because most artificial Turf is made up of polyester material. Now, certain conditions make melting more probable than others. One of the leading causes of plastic turf melting is the reflection produced by highly efficient windows call Low E windows.

Turf melting caused by low e glass window reflections on turf 

Types of Windows that cause artificial Turf to mount?

Although Low-E windows are highly efficient, not all Low E windows reject enough infrared and visible light to produce enough BTU intensity to melt artificial Turf, siding, patio furniture, and polyester materials. 

Types of Low-E windows

  1. Soft coat 
  2. Double soft coat
  3. Triple soft coat 
  4. Hard coat 

There are only two Low E window variations that create enough visible light reflectance to damage artificial Turf patio furniture siding other polyester or synthetic materials to mount. Those two are double soft coat and triple soft coat Low-E coatings.

These two types of variations have the lowest solar heat gain coefficient and, in turn, reflect the most amount of energy when these Coatings are present on Surface 2 of dual pane windows.


How to stop Low-E Windows from reflecting enough energy to melt Artificial Turf? 

The straightforward answer is Reflect Defense Window Film; this is a non-intrusive uncomplicated way to prevent Turf from melting. However, this isn't the only way to solve artificial turf melt. You can install an awning; you can install solar screens; however, this option can be expensive. Or you can replace your windows entirely.

What is Reflect Defense Window Film?

Reflect Defense window film is a perforated window film designed to refract light through its surface and reduce reflectivity, all while maintaining Window performance. Shield Window Film is designed to be safe for all glass and is installed on the exterior portion of the window ( On the side the faces the grass).

Reflect Defense Window Film comes in three options:

  1. Clear 
  2. Black 
  3. White 

Clear Reflect Defense Window Film is the least expensive of the three options and is a direct solution with a slight drawback you can't see through it very well. 

Clear turf shield window film

White Reflect Defense Window Film is the second most popular option and provides a solution that offers excellent interior visibility when looking out the windows from the inside. However, the exterior is white and may take some getting used too, but on the plus, it does provide great privacy if you also after confidentiality. 

Example of Reflect Defense on a window protecting against turf melting and a low e glass without Reflect Defense



Black Reflect Defense Window film is the most popular option as it looks like a screen. It cuts doe harsh light, provides excellent privacy day and night, and also solves turf melt issues. 

Black Film by Reflect Defense Window Film Installed on Home protecting turf 



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