What’s the best thing to stop artificial turf from melting?

Window film for turf called turf shield window film is specifically designed to stop artificial turf for melting. It’s all too common that after artificial turf is installed in your back or front yard that it starts to melt.

Homeowners are excited that they just got artificial turf placed but now they become concerned that they might have to shell out more money to stop it from melting.

Turf melting a real problem and it happens all over the United States. In fact, windows don’t just melt artificial turf, they also melt vinyl siding patio furniture, and vinyl fencing. 


Why turf begins to melt? 

The reason why polyester turf melts is because they have very low melting point of about 168°, the intense heat reflected off of windows increases the temperature of artificial turf and polyester products such as vinyl siding and vinyl fencing beyond their melting point. 

Best way to stop artificial turf from melting

  1. Install turf shield window film - window film specially designed to stop turf, siding,  vinyl fencing from melting. 
  2. Install solar screens 
  3. don’t install solar film we have found that many don’t work. 



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