STOP YOUR TURF FROM MELTING with Reflect Defense Window Film

Energy Efficient windows Cause burns and melting turf

Property owners often know that energy-saving windows are an excellent way to reflect solar energy away from their homes, making them cooler and more energy conscious. 

However, energy-saving windows cause reflections that can damage artificial turf, patio furniture, home siding, and even natural grass and plants.

"Note that any reflected surface can increase light, so reflection from old windows or stainless steel grilles can have the same effect, but this is not as common as energy-efficient windows."

Window films can help prevent your artificial turf from melting and reduce the glare of your glass windows and doors. Since the goal is to reduce reflection, Reflect Defense window film does not contain metal, and it mustn't matter so that it can be applied to any glass surface without worry of damaged window seals. Reflect Defense Window Film is applied to the outside of the glass and comes in three options clear, white, and black. Reflect Defense Window Film diffuses the sun's rays to reduce the reflections that lead to burning or melting.

Home windows with Reflect Defense Window film to protect the turf from melting

Way to stop turf from melting

  1. Clear Film - Reflect Defense Window Film - a little blurry looking out, but HOA approved, as it is entirely transparent. (great for windows you don't use) 

  2. White Film Reflect Defense Window Film - Great visibility looking out and white on the exterior. Some love this look.

  3. Black Film Reflect Defense Window Film - Great visibility looks out, and it seems like a screen without drilling frames. 

    How  Reflect Defense Window Film prevents artificial turf from melting

    As a perforated film, the turf protector Reflect Defense Works to break concentrated light reflection on the window to reduce the reflective intensity on artificial turf, siding, patio furniture, and any other synthetic material affected. 

    Reflect Defense Window Film is the perfect choice when it comes to protecting your artificial turf from the glare from the sun. Reflect Defense is applied to glass doors and windows and is an exterior application. The lawn protector allows visibility to see out of your windows with minimal distortion, with white and black options being the best for clarity. Reflect Defense Window Film should only be applied to the windows without a screen, as the screen locks the reflection in the same way as Reflect Defense Window film.


    Turf installer replacing turf that melted caused by low e window glass reflection 

    What Makes  Reflect Defense Window Film a better option:

    As a Customer-Centric Company we take pride in delivering our customers a wide variety of resources.

    1. Video instructions on film installation

    2. articles to understand the why, what, and how to prevent the turf from damage.

    3. Our film isn’t printed like some other fake films out there. Printed films fade and change color.

    We also UV Coat all of our exterior window films to Protect and Reflect UV rays from damaging the film extending its life and durability.


    Our DIY window film can prevent your turf from melting, keep your home cooler, and reduce hot spots. Reflection damage caused by low e windows is a real concern, and the solar heat reflected can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.  Reflect Defense Exterior Screen window films are a sure way to prevent home windows from becoming an issue and save your investment on turf, vinyl siding, and patio furniture for years to come.



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