Save Your Patio Furniture: The Window Reflection Problem

Have you ever noticed warping or melting on your patio furniture and wondered what's causing it? The culprit is often the powerful reflection from your windows, a problem that is both common and solvable. Let's dive into how you can protect your outdoor assets with a simple yet effective solution -Shield Turf with Window Film.

The Issue of Window Reflections

Window reflections can cause serious problems, not just to your artificial turf but also to your patio furniture. The sun's rays, when reflected off traditional windows, can intensify and focus on a small area, causing damage to anything in its path.

"The heat generated by window reflections can reach extreme temperatures, enough to warp and even melt plastic and synthetic materials."

This phenomenon can be especially damaging for your patio furniture, which is often made of these materials.

Protect Your Patio Furniture with Turf Shielding Window Film

patio furniture melting damage on piece of furniture with a man pointing at the damage


Our Turf Protection Shield Window Film is a revolutionary product designed to mitigate these harmful window reflections. The film comes in various options such as White Film, Clear Film, and Black Film, catering to different needs and aesthetic preferences.

  • The White Film helps reduce glare and heat, making it an excellent choice for homes in sun-drenched areas.
  • The Clear Film is virtually invisible, maintaining your window's appearance while offering excellent reflection control.
  • The Black Film absorbs and disperses heat, ideal for darker window frames and facades.

All these films are designed to disperse sunlight evenly, effectively preventing hotspots that can cause damage.

Simple Installation

Are you wondering how to install these films? Don't worry; we've got you covered. We offer a comprehensive Installation Kit that comes with everything you need for a successful installation. If you're unsure about which film to choose, consider our Samples Kit to see and feel the different options before making a decision.

You can also find a wealth of installation guides and tips in our news section, including articles like "How to Stop Windows from Melting Siding" and "How to Prevent Siding from Melting."


Don't let the window reflection problem ruin your beautiful patio furniture. With Turf Sheilding Window Film, you can protect your outdoor assets, save money on replacement costs, and enjoy peace of mind. Check out our product range and take the first step towards protecting your patio furniture today!

"Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and with Turf Burn Window Film, prevention is just a click away."


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