Prevent The Sun From Reflecting off of your windows and Melting Your Turf

Prevent the sun's reflections off of home and office windows from burning your lawn, outdoor furniture, or plants.

Turf - Shielding Window Film Prevents artificial turf or grass from melting. 

Why Reflect Defense Window Film 

Artificial turf continues to increase in popularity. In some areas, the melting ratios of synthetic turf increase due to the arrival of low-energy E-glass.

Low-E glass uses a microscopic metal oxide coating that allows light to enter, but radiant heat and solar heat bounce from the glass surface onto other substances. 

While these window reflections can cause natural turf to die or burn, heat will melt artificial turf and patio furniture to burn.

Most synthetic grass has a melting point of about 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Reflected heat from low-E glass windows can easily reach these temperatures and 400 F, depending on their location.

Some of the precautions you can take if you install an artificial turf for one of your customers is to see where it will be installed when it is warmer during the day. Take note of the location of the windows and whether sunlight is reflected in the intended space. If there is a secondary glare in the intended area, use a thermometer to check the temperature. 

If you are above 150 degrees F, take precautions to install a Turf Shield window film that reduces external reflection or redraws the landscape to have a coating on concern areas. 

"If you are a contractor and you don't know that you or your client's facility will suffer from glare from windows, you will lose not only money, but also your reputation," said Greg Larson, Local synthetic lawn consultant.

 If your customers have already installed synthetic turf and are worried about the melting turf, use an artificial turf test strip in the affected area, and monitor damage after a week. You can then decide with your client which options are right for you.  

Turf Shield Films are a simple option that reduces window reflections. Installing tall trees can protect the lawn from damage caused by solar reflection, but this is the long game option, as your customers will still have to wait until they reach a significant size. Turf Shield Window Film products address this problem for the Artificial Turf Industry. 

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