Best way to stop siding from melting?

The best way to stop a siding from melting is by applying Reflect Defense Window Film. 

Reflect Defense Window Film is a perforated window film product used on the exterior portion of the window. 

Don't worry; Reflect Defense Window Film is safe on both dual pane and single-pane windows. This window film reduces the amount of the sun's glare to the point where it prevents infrared rays from increasing the siding temperature that is the primary contributor to melting.


Window film to prevent siding melting?

There are various window films in the marketplace designed to reduce solar heat in homes and commercial buildings. However, in this particular case, energy reduction is not what homeowners and building owners are after. 

Solar heat gain Window Films contribute to the melting of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding melts because of the intense energy reflected by high-performance windows. Low-E windows, also known as low emissivity windows, reflect both in visible light and infrared light this type of light-energy increases the temperature of external objects much like a magnifying glass

High temperature vinyl siding?

High-temperature vinyl siding is a great solution, but it is also a costly solution. This type of siding can cost nearly $10 to $15 a square foot on the average home. Applying high-temperature vinyl siding to your entire home can be very costly. Simply put, especially in an alteration, using window film tends to be the best solution moving forward to prevent the siding from melting. Textured window film is a homeowner approved solution to prevent the siding from melting.

Does homeowners insurance cover melted siding?

Unfortunately, home insurance does not cover wear and tear. In many cases, insurance companies do their best to avoid costly repairs. Repairing vinyl siding damaged by normal wear and tear can be a tough argument and a time-consuming process. The best solution moving forward, and the most cost-effective is to apply  Reflect Defense Window Film to the windows that affect the portions I'm siding on your home or office.

Are there turf guard window film alternatives

Consumers need to know that there are alternatives to Turf guard window film. And while there are many competitors within the marketplace, window films are the best solution for preventing artificial turf vinyl siding and patio furniture from melting. 

Reflect Defense Window Film is similar but unique in the way it is manufactured. Reflect Defense window film specifically sold and marketed to avoid siding from melting. It's important to note the Reflect Defense Window Film is also much less expensive than its competitors doing its very best to match pricing and come significantly lower than the competition.

Vinyl siding melting solutions

While there are limited market solutions to prevent the siding from melting, there are many unique options.  Reflect Defense Window Film is one of those options. It is also important to note that solar screens are also a great solution to prevent artificial turf vinyl siding and patio furniture from melting. Each circumstance is different, and understanding the differences between each solution is essential. It's necessary to consider the cost when choosing the solution that appropriate for you. 

How window film works to stop reflection

Window Films work to prevent and stop reflection. The reduction of light produced by high-performance windows reflected on turf, vinyl siding, and patio furniture dramatically reduces the amount of energy that causing melting and warping. Reducing the amount of energy reflected onto vinyl products surfaces, such as vinyl siding, helps drastically reduce warping, distortion, and blending of vinyl siding.

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