How to Stop Artificial from Turf Melting?


The ever-growing popularity of artificial turf and the never-ending pursuit of making windows more efficient has come to a head-on collision. 

Window reflection is melting turf and costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Are you a homeowner that is experiencing artificial turf burn? If so, Reflect Defense Window Film is the one solution guaranteed to prevent artificial turf from melting.


Why Does Artificial Turf melt?

Energy-efficient home windows cause Vinyl Siding and Artificial Turf to melt.

The most common synthetic artificial turf is polyethylene, which has a melting point of approximately  221 to 239 °F  degrees.  Artificial turf melts because of the reflection happening off of high-performance windows called Low-E windows. 

There are several types of Low-E windows, but only one specific kind causes this level of damage and increases the temperature beyond the turf’s melting point.

Windows reflection causes turf to melt, and Low E triple silver coatings are the most common cause of artificial turf melt, siding melt, and patio furniture melting and even burning.

Triple silver Low-E windows are the most energy-efficient windows on the market. Triple silver Low-E coatings reject 63% of total solar energy. 

The reflected heat by triple silver Low-E coated the natural curvature intensifies windows in the glass. This is especially evident in more oversized windows. 

The curvature created by the lack of internal framing within windows sometimes intensifies or concentrates the sun's reflection of the sun's energy on particular areas of your turf. 

This sometimes makes it challenging to identify which window is reflecting and causing artificial turf to melt.

How to prevent artificial turf from melting?

Perhaps the most common solution is to invest in Reflect Defense Window Film. 

The film is discreet and reduces the amount of glare that bounces off the lawn. It comes in 3 different options (WhiteClear, and Black). Pricing varies slightly, with black being the most popular as it looks like a screen.

People also can install screens or awnings outside their homes to prevent sunlight from reaching the reflected surface. 

 A significant advantage of Reflect Defense Window Film is that it’s a window film for turf that improves energy efficiency solves turf, siding, fencing, and patio furniture from melting.

Does Window Tint Prevent Turf from melting?

While it may be logical to think that regular window tint will work, it’s a shot in the dark. Window tinting films are designed to absorb and reflect heat. Applying a film that absorbs too much heat can cause your windows to crack. If you reflect too much heat, it may increase the risk the damage.

Low E windows cause your artificial grass melting problem. Because you already have high-performance windows, installing an interior film only increases the amount of heat reflected, making the problem worse. The answer is interior window tint will NOT work to solve turf burn. DON'T install the internal film.


Why is my artificial turf melting? 

Artificial turf melts at temperatures of 168 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The amount of radiant heat caused by glass windows’ reflection creates solar heat spots on the turf, similar to a magnifying glass effect. These reflections can sometimes present themselves in a straight line causing damage that looks like tire tracks.

Preventive sunlight reflection from melting turf

When you are looking to solve your turf melting issue, keep in mind that the windows causing turf damage may be coming from your neighbor’s windows. Depending on the windows around your home, you may need to ask your neighbor for permission before considering turf installation; otherwise, your investment in turf may be a costly mess.

You can install protective films; use window film for turf-specific films like Reflect Defense Window Film . Window tints for heat reflection will not effectively reduce sun rays causing damage to your turf.

Synthetic grass is nonflammable. If artificial grass is exposed to extreme heat, such as fire, it will melt and not catch ablaze. While replacing turf can be expensive, it’s unlikely to cause a fire. Synthetic turf is often used at airports on landing strips and other fire-prone areas.

How do you fix melted turf?

  1. Remove infill and debris to measure the replacement turf piece. 

  2. Remove the damaged turf area and cut it from the back as much as possible. 

  3. check the turf piece for proper fit 

  4. Make Sure that thatch does not meet thatch 

  5. repair base under area if necessary. 

  6. Install and glue the replacement turf piece. 

Click here to watch a video.


What is the Turf Protection Film?

There are several ways to stop turf from melting.

  1. Make sure you strategically map out your turf landscape, taking the time to plan your artificial grass landscaping can help you avoid turf melting entirely, by avoiding direct sunlight reflections on turf.

  2. Apply a window film specifically designed to prevent the turf from melting; we offer three options: Reflect Defense window film black, Clear, and White. All three options work to prevent artificial turf from melting.

  3. Window screens is a good solution too; however, be sure to apply the solar screen on the windows causing the damage.


Are your Low E Glass Home Windows causing Turf & Siding to melt?

Low-E windows are high heat and sun reflection windows that cause intense heat reflections on turf, siding, and other synthetic materials, causing them to melt, burn and distort. The damage caused creates hot spots and creates high temperatures.

Artificial turf melts at 168 degrees so trying to

What does window film for turf look like installed? 

Reflect Defense Window Film comes in 4 options, with Black & White films being the most popular and Clear being the best for HOA's communities. Other products on the market try to look like your genuine product but don’t be fooled.


Our films have been tested on tens of thousands of homes and are guaranteed to work.

Black Window Film for turf is a black-on-black window film designed to stop artificial turf and synthetic turf from melting. Black Reflect Defense provides the best interior visibility and White Reflect Defense but looks like a screen for exterior appeal.

Clear can look like a bug screen and distort visibility but works very well to stop turf from melting. 



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