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How to Prevent Turf From Melting

Well, to put it simply, Turf - Shielding Window Film is the best and easiest way to prevent your turf from melting. This film neutralizes the concentrated reflection by scattering the sun's light across the surface of the glass, thereby eliminating the damage window glare causes. Turf Saving Window film is the leading protective films for turf and siding professionals and is offered in 3 variations:


  • Clear Exterior Screen Window Film (Good)
      • Cons
        • Blurry when looking from the inside out
        • It seems like a bug screen
      • Pros
        • Resolves the melting of turf, siding, patio furniture, and more.
        • Great solutions for those living in HOA's
        • UV exterior coating for durability
        • affordable when compared to other solutions
        • offered in a 54" width
    • White Exterior Screen Window Film ( Better)
      • Cons
        • White on the exterior
      • Pros
        • Resolves the melting of turf, siding, patio furniture, and more.
        • Great solutions for those looking to reduce heat energy and have the home cooler
        • UV exterior coating for durability
        • provides a better view from the inside looking out
        • affordable when compared to other solutions
          • offered in a 54" width
      • Black Exterior Screen Window Film (Best)
          • Cons
            • offered in only a 48" width
          • Pros
            • It looks like a screen and compliments the look of the window
            • Provide the best view from the inside looking out
            • Best aesthetic appeal


        What causes artificial turf to burn?

        Window reflections often create hot spots on synthetic grass that cause it to melt, usually due to the magnifying effect caused by Low-E windows. The melting point of fake grass is approximately 168 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of heat generated by low emissivity windows is sadly much more than the melting point of artificial turf. We have tested it, and it's often in the 220-degree range. As a result, the sun's damaging reflection can negatively impact your home and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

        How to stop Siding from melting?

        Artificial turf isn't the only substrate affected by the damaging window glare; window reflections also damage vinyl siding, patio furniture, trampolines, and vinyl fencing. Often, hotter climate zones are impacted, especially during the summer months. So even if you haven't experienced turf melting yet, it may just be a matter of time until you do.

        How to tell if your windows can cause damage to your turf or siding?

        Low-e glass has a unique look; the best way to know if you have a low glass is to look at the glass at angles. If you see a purple or green tone to the glass from the outside window, your windows are most likely Low E and will cause damage to your newly installed turf lawns.

        The most definitive and precautionary measure you can take is to have a window film company come out to inspect that glass windows. Energy efficiency is a huge deal, and new windows across the sunbelt states are energy-efficient glass windows.

        Low emissivity glass windows cause the common issue of damaging reflections that cause turf and vinyl siding sun damage. Turf and siding melting issues are a growing problem for homeowners, and business owners become a nightmare after installing turf or siding.

        What's the best window tint to install to prevent siding and turf from melting?

        Solar energy window films are not the best solution when you have turf or siding issues. High temperatures and energy-efficient windows are a recipe for disaster, especially on the windows of your home or business, as these films can exacerbate artificial turf burns and melted vinyl siding.

        What are the alternatives to Turf Guard Window Film? 

        We don't want to be the guys to bash the competition, but we offer a better film option at a lower overall cost. The major drawback to Turf Guard Window film is that they only provide two options of film. Transparent, which provides a less than desirable view. Shielding Turf Window Film is a great product that offers film options that allow you to see through your windows with much better clarity. Prevent synthetic turf melting with any one of our three options.

        Another simple solution is to use solar screens; this is a permanent solution as well. The benefit of solar screens is that they block the sun's rays from entering the home. Thus, they block out some natural light and prevent the sun's damaging reflection on turf and siding.

        How to install Turf Defense Window Film?

        The first step is to find the sun's damaging reflection on your turf, siding, furniture, or other synthetic material. Please focus on the windows without screens, as the screens themselves scatter the light reducing the change of damage. Measure the affecting windows to determine how many feet of material you will need. Please remember this film is installed on the exterior of the glass, meaning it's installed from the outside of the home or business.

        For installation, please take a look at the video below, created by one of our dealers in southern California.

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