How to prevent siding from melting?

window reflections melting siding

Why does home siding melt

One of the primary reasons why siding melts is due to the solar reflection off high-performance windows. There's overwhelming evidence to show that energy efficient Windows creates an intense reflection that melts and distorts vinyl siding.

Generally speaking, vinyl siding products begin to melt at a temperature of 160 degrees to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be exacerbated depending on the color and the tone of the vinyl siding. White tends to reflect more light, where darker tones absorb sunlight and melt quicker than their lighter counterparts.

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How to stop reflection from windows melting siding

Vinyl siding damage cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in property damage. However, homeowners can protect their property in many ways, such as applying solar screens to the exterior portion of the windows or applying Turf Shield window film to the exterior of the windows, causing damage. 

 However, other ways to prevent the siding from melting include planting trees, reorganizing landscape elements, and blocking reflection using patios covers, umbrellas, and other screening materials.

how to stop siding from melting

How to protect siding from melting

The best way to prevent the siding from melting is to apply Turf Shield Window Film. Turf Shield window film is specifically designed to reduce the intense reflection on siding and artificial turf. This product refracts the light in several directions, reducing the magnification effect on synthetic turf and vinyl siding.

how to prevent turf and siding from melting  

Is window film for turf safe for my dual pane windows? 

Yes,  Turf Shield Window Film is designed to be applied to many types of glass, including dual pane windows. It’s used on the exterior portion of the window. 

This window film for Turf & Siding is designed to expand and contract with the glass, unlike polyester materials such as solar control films designed to prevent heat from entering into homes and offices. Turf Shield Window Film has the ability to expand and contract making it an ideal film to be applied on dual pane windows, single-pane windows, and laminated windows. 






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