How do I stop my turf from melting?

Stop the reflection of the window from melting artificial turf and killing the artificial lawn. 

In short, Anti Reflective Window Film is the best way to stop your turf from melting. Keep reading to learn why this happens and when you should be concerned.

Summertime is an excellent time of year to spend outside in your backyard or on your front yard cooking up BBQ and to enjoy the good weather; a homeowner's lawn is an excellent place to enjoy maintaining a beautiful property. 

Soft autumn and spring and warm summer mean spending months in your yard, taking care of the garden, playing with the children, admiring the meadows. 

If your beautiful turf burned in some places, you may think that the sun is to blame, but this is only partially correct. 


Window Reflections melting patches to turf burning it


If you have Low-E windows, it may be the window reflection burning grass. In fact, Low-E window reflections so strong it can cause even artificial turf to melt due to the substantial energy reflection. These types of windows are great from energy conservation but can wreak havoc on your lawn, even if you have turf. 

But you can easily protect your patio furniture, siding, natural grass, and turf by stopping the reflection of the window that's responsible for destroys the grass with the installation of the protective film Shield Turf with Anti reflective window film. 


Window Reflections as it melts artificial turf astro turf



Anti Reflective Window Film is the Best way to stop my turf from melting? 

Anti Reflective Window Film can put a stop to the damaging reflection that causes damage to:


  1. Patio furniture - from melting or getting burn holes 
  2. Vinyl Siding - from distorting and even creating the potential for water damage 
  3. Artificial Turf - from melting and becoming hard and deformed. 
  4. Sport Courts - from melting and causing uneven spots
  5. Above Ground Pools - from melting and even leaking do to damage or burns. 
  6. Natural Grass - from burning and also catching fire. 
  7. Many more Polyester Materials - from distorting and becoming damage. 


Anti Reflective film by Reflect Defense Window Film is suitable outside your windows and will not reduce their effectiveness by blocking heat and UV rays from entering your home, nor prevent the perception of your beloved Charlotte home. 

Anti reflective Window film prevents the reflection of the windows from sending inferred energy responsible for burning grass, the way this film works is by refracting the light through the small holes in the film neutralizing the reflection. 


Your windows work the same and are unaffected by the film; unlike some films that can cause your glass to crack or damage seals, Reflect Defense Window film  works plain and simple. 


Reflect Defense Window film installed

Turf Shield Anti Reflective Window film is installed on the outside of the glass, so it's exposed to the elements. Don't worry, turf shielding is designed as an exterior film so it can withstand the elements for years. 

There are 3 popular options that the film comes in: 

  1. Reflect Defense Clear Screen Exterior Window film - is a popular and lowest cost option 
  2. Reflect Defense White Screen Exterior Window film - second-most popular option as this film allows you to see out of your windows from the inside without compromising your view. 
  3. Reflect Defense Black Screen Exterior Window film - is the most popular option with great visibility and great exterior appeal. It looks like a screen
  4. Reflect Defense TF-ProIntroducing the TF-Pro Anti-Reflective Window Film, a remarkable exterior window solution specifically crafted to prevent the detrimental effects of window reflections on turf, vinyl siding, patio furniture, and car moldings.

    Designed to combat the challenges posed by low e-glass reflections, TF-Pro is a one-stop solution for homeowners and professionals alike. 

Above is an example of a Clear Screen Reflect Defense Window film close up.


Black Screen Exterior Window Film Anti Reflective Film to protect turf from melting

Above is Black Screen Reflect Defense Window film from 5 feet way, notice how it looks like a screen.




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