Best Way Stop Turf From Melting | Turf Protection Window Film

The best way to prevent turf from melting is to apply specific window film, a solar screen, or shade the window with an awning or umbrella.

Our product, Turf Protection window film is specifically designed to be applied on the exterior of windows the way Turf Protection works is by redirecting light and spreading it across the surface of the glass. Turf Protection drastically reduces the light refracted and eliminates the chances of turf melting, siding melting, patio furniture damage, and even vinyl fencing from distorting and discoloring. Turf Protection window film is especially effective in both cold and hot environments. 

What causes turf to melt? 

Window reflections cause turf to melt. In fact, it's not just turf that melts, vinyl siding, patio furniture, trampolines, and even grass burns do the window reflections. 

Low E windows are usually the culprit to there are several kinds of Low-E windows. Low E windows reference the type of coating applied to the inner part of the glass unit. The common surface is the exterior panel in-between the two panels that make up the window unit. 

The coating are progressively heat reducing which is great if your looking to keep your home cool and bad if your installing turf or new siding. 

  1. Hard coat - Super low heat reflection 
  2. Single Silver - Low heat reflection 
  3. Double silver - Good heat reflection 
  4. Triple silver - The best heat reflection

In the next paragraph we will talk about why this happens. 

Why do windows cause things to melt?

 Low-E windows are great window your looking to keep your home insulated and cool during the summer months but they can be the cause of great damage and devastation to your yard, siding, and vinyl fencing. 

The reflection created by low-E windows are especially damaging because they can reach temperatures of 240 degrees and above. 

The reflections caused by low-E windows  with a hard coat make up can take much longer to cause damage, where as Triple silver windows can cause damage almost immediately. 

Protect your Turf install Turf Protection Window Film - The original Reflect Defense Window Film 100% authentic! 


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