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How to stop artificial turf melting?

Artificial turf melts because of reflection bouncing off your windows, creating a concentrated light beam onto your synthetic turf. 

Melting turf can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair costs. Turf companies are sometimes ill-equipped to identify the type of glass that will cause the damage.

melted turf

 What type of glass causes artificial turf to melt?

 Several types of glass cause artificial turf to melt; some of the most common types are Low-E windows. Low-e windows are low-energy transferring windows. Low energy windows are high-performing when it comes to keeping heat out. These high-performance windows are the primary cause of artificial turf melting.

 Because Low-E windows are so efficient, the energy that they reflect causes vinyl siding, artificial turf, and patio furniture to melt.

windows that cause turf to melt.

How to stop window reflection from burning my turf? 

There are several things you can do to prevent artificial turf from melting.

  1. Apply Turf Burn Window Film to the exterior portion of your glass.
    1.   Turf Burn Window Film is an exterior applied perforated film available in three colors white, clear, and black.
    2. Turf Shield Black -  is the most popular window film in Turf Shelling Window Film lineup. It is black on black and offers excellent interior visibility. This film allows you to see out without having a blurred View, unlike some of our competitors.
    3.  Turf Shield White - is a white on black variation and offers a clear view window looking from the interior out. However, this film is white on the exterior, and we'll change the look of your window to appear white.
    4.  Church Shield clear - is an HOA-approved window film to prevent artificial turf from melting. However, the film is clear; it does skew the depth perception of those looking from the inside out, providing a blurry View.
  2. Apply a Solar Screen - solar screens are a popular solution to prevent artificial turf from melting.
    1.  Window cleaning companies or screening companies Generally apply solar screens.
    2.  Solar screens cover the entire portion of the window. These greens are generally fastened to the exterior part of the frame surrounding the entirety of the window.
    3.  Solar screens provide the same solution as Turf Shield Window Film but are fixed to the exterior portion and to wear over time, requiring replacement.

How to install Turf Blocking Window Film?

Turf Shield Window Film is a DIY solution for homeowners and building owners. Turn Shield Window Film is applied on the exterior portion of the window, diffusing light and prevents turf from melting. 

Steps during installation of turf Shield Window Film: 

  1.  measure the glass surface of the window if you're looking to apply Turf Shield Window Film.
  2.  Pre-cut the film an inch over on either side of the window.
  3.  Clean the glass surface and the frame of the window so as no dirt or debris impedes the application of turf Shield Window Film.
  4.  During the cleaning process, use a stainless steel blade or a Scotch-Brite scrubby pad to remove any contaminants on the glass and squeegee the excess water off the window leaving the window dry and free of dirt or debris.
  5. Grab your pre-cut film and remove the backing liner, being sure to stay close to the window you're going to apply the film to. ( this reduces the chance of debris attaching to the adhesive side of the film. 
  6. Apply the film (Dry) from the top of the window using a felt pad squeegee. Keep the film even as you work down the surface of the glass. Be sure to maintain a 1in overlap on all four sides of the window.
  7.  After you evenly applied the film to the glass, trim the excess film with a stainless steel blade and use your felt pad squeegee to secure the edge of the film to the glass of the window. 
after turf shield window film installation

What is the warranty on Turf Shielding Window Film?

Turf Shielding Window Film has a five-year warranty against bubbling, peeling cracking, or delamination from the glass surface.  

If you're looking for a sure way to prevent artificial turf, vinyl siding, patio furniture, and vinyl furnishing from melting caused by window reflections, look no further than Turf Shielding Window Film. 

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